Top 10 Best Kids Toys of 2022

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Parents are always looking to make their kids toys’ lives more entertaining, and when you’re shopping for toys, there are so many options to choose from, and some of them don’t live up to their promise as educational or innovative. To save you time and effort, we’ve compiled our list of the top 10 best kid’s toys that are both fun and educational.

Playgro Teething Links

Playgro Teething Links are colorful, pliable, and textured, making them an ideal teether for young children. They feature textured surfaces and are ideal for soothing tender gums. It is ideal for kids aged 3 months and more. It comes with5 chewy links and one large ring.

Mothercare Fairytale Soft Book

This children’s activity book will help your kids learn valuable skills and develop their imagination. It is a soft baby book that is beautifully embroidered and it is suitable for kids from birth. It has different textures, colors, and crinkle sounds.

Melissa and Doug Write A Mat Countries

Perfect for kids aged 8+ years, this Countries mat is perfect for your kids to learn about different countries of the world. The other side of the mat has a blank map that allows your kid to complete it with country names. It is perfect for restaurants, travel and waiting rooms.

Playgro Play & Learn Ball

Children learn through play and this baby toy is designed to encourage this. Typically, this fun ball has a lot of tumbling and rolling fun. Ideally, this Playgro Playball has a unique plastic cylinder with rattling balls inside and will provide auditory stimulation and delight your baby. It will assist him or her in developing self-awareness skills.

Playgro Chime Cheeky Sunny Bunny

This soft bunny is ideal for little fingers and it will encourage your kid with fine motor skill development. Its new patterns and vivid colors will stimulate your child’s visual senses. It also has a colorful bell chime that will encourage the child’s auditory.

Mothercare Brights Jungle Tummy Time Roller

This kid’s toy is going to encourage your kid to crawl and move. It is suitable from birth and the roller softly chimes as it moves. Ideally, this toy is going to encourage your kid’s physical development and hand-to-eye coordination. It will also stimulate the senses.

Mothercare Party Activity Confetti Glove

This is another suitable toy that is suitable for kids from birth. It is perfect for storytelling games. Typically, these soft fabric Confetti Gloves create crinkle and squeaker sounds that will allow your child to have fun. Another thing, it has texture to explore and discover.

Melissa and Doug Write A Mat Division

Present your kid with this set of learning mats as it is perfect for mastering academic skills. This mat is ideal for kids aged 7+ years and it measures 36 cm x 26 cm x D1cm. It is ideal to wipe off and write on with multi-colored crayons.

Playgro Friend Lion My first Activity

Playgro creates imaginative, age-appropriate toys that help stimulate children’s learning and develop skills essential for building a happy, healthy life. The Roary Lion has a wide range of textures and colors for tactile and visual development. It has C-clip that allows easy attachment to car seats, strollers, and prams.

Melissa and Doug Write A Mat Alphabets

Present your kid with these Mat Alphabets Learning mats. It is an entertaining and educational double-sided wipe-off and write-on placemats that is ideal to keep your kids busy in the waiting rooms, restaurants, and when traveling.


Kids’ toys are an important part of growing up. Kids and toddlers love to play, so it’s up to parents to make sure they do so safely. Keep your child entertained with these smart toys that encourage social interactions, develop motor skills, and keep them active all day long.

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