Public Investments Solutions reviews and professional support in immigration

Public Investments Solutions reviews and professional support in immigration

Nowadays, a great number of people decide to immigrate to European Union. The relocation makes them equal to all Europeans, in case they have already received European passport.

In this article, you will find out if you should trust your registration process to the lawyers, and what the clients’ reviews about Public Investment Solutions are.

Features of Public Investment Solutions immigration company

Public investments solutions is a trusted immigration company with years of experience in helping people to register European documents. The number of satisfied customers is about a couple of hundred.

As was mentioned in the reviews, a lot of the immigrants decided to cooperate with the lawyers of PIS because of such reasons:

  • The lawyers provide the clients with the agreement, which guarantees confidentiality of the person’s data;
  • They take responsibility for documents preparation, and submitting them to the authorized body;
  • Public Investment Solutions oversees the whole registering process.

After the initial consultation immigrants can decide if they want to cooperate with the lawyers. However, the statistics prove, that almost all of them ask for the experts’ help, because of a large number of responsibilities that applicants cannot handle on their own.

How to obtain Slovenian passport with the support of Public Investment Solutions?

Every customer of Public Investment Solutions can be sure, that in a few steps one will obtain Slovenian citizenship. The process of obtaining European passport consists of the steps mentioned below:

  1. Preparing the documents: collecting, translating and notarizing;
  2. Applying procedure is performed by the expert of PIS;
  3. Taking the oath of Allegiance. The procedure should be done by the applicant after the digitization of the papers;
  4. Registration of Slovenian ID-card, initial documents, including international passport.

How exactly Public Investment Solutions help to the immigrants: real customers reviews

A lot of companies misuse their clients’ trust. So, to be sure about it real assistance, everyone should search for the customers’ reviews.

After a deep analysis of the websites, we found a lot of positive feedback; here are some of them:


Having analyzed the reviews about Public Investment Solutions, we understood, that all immigrants need not only support during document preparation but also managing the whole process. That is one of the main reasons, why they called for Public Investment Solutions’s assistance. Also, the clients took into consideration a company’s trust core, which was built by the crawler.

Moreover, such pros of PIS were admitted in reviews as a high level of confidentiality, creating an immigration plan, following customer’s goals, individual approach, etc.


An overview of the company’s support can be positive, but as people say “don’t judge the book by its cover”. Having analyzed the clients’ feedback on the Internet, we can conclude, that public investments. solutions are worth cooperating with. The lawyers have trusted experts in the international migration field. So, if you are looking for help in obtaining a Slovenian passport, do not hesitate to contact Public Investment Solutions via email, phone number, or online form on the official website.

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