So, not even a week ago, I boldly declared that I was to have no more chocolate for a month, until Rish and my anniversary on December 6th.

Of course, last night, Rish tempts me with a block of Lindt chocolate… and tells me that I’ve earned it from all my work at the gym and my efforts at keeping my food journal the past few weeks. I feel a little skeptical (who is whose hugest critic?) but I eat it, and love every bite :) Smelled like Easter!

The real aim about the not eating chocolate was to not eat so much crap at work – if it’s there I tend to snack away – damn chocolate and chips.

So, I have a new resolution – to no longer get the chips or the chocolates from the little “shop” we have at work. If I’m snacky, I have my muesli bars, and my yummy miso soups. I’m not eating that stuff because I’m hungry, I’m eating it because I’m tired, or stressing over something like a phone call I’m had or have to have… etc.

Eating chocolate outside of hours isn’t really an issue, as it’s not that regular! Not with the way our cupboards have been looking :)

Speaking of food! Here’s last night’s cooking adventure! Rish BBQd some HUGE pieces of salmon to have with roast pumpkin (with fresh rosemary from our backyard!),asparagus, and pesto – added some feta and olives :) Rish was a little disappointed that we didn’t stck it up, restaurant-style, before taking the photos… Accompanied this with some nice Australian Rose wine… Having so much fun taking recipe ideas from the CSIRO Total Wellbeing Diet book. Feeling so fresh and healthy! I think we should get Book 2 for Christmas.

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