2020 has been a strange kind of year so far. Every country in the world has been affected by the global pandemic, and it seems that it isn’t getting back to normal any time soon. Every country has its own way of dealing with the crisis, but travel between countries and holidays in general are still uncertain. There have been talks of quarantines, air bridges and the rise of the ‘staycation’ but about all those holidays that we already had booked? And when can we book with confidence again? And how can we afford it?

In terms of pre-existing bookings, many people have been requesting refunds and holiday companies have differed in their approach to how they offer this refund – whether they give you holiday vouchers, offer to move your holiday dates or actually give you your money back. It is best to contact your holiday company directly to find out where you stand with this. According to IOL, Big Ambitions, a travel marketing agency in South Africa, thinks that travellers should remain calm and not panic. They say that travellers should remind themselves not to panic about losing their booking deposit. Travel WILL resume again, but those big plans for a big summer holiday abroad may just have to stay on hold for now. It certainly seems that for this summer, holidays abroad will be few and far between, and even if holidays abroad do resume on a small scale, it may be that the holiday experience is quite different to what you are used to, due to social distancing.

When it comes to booking future holidays, you may see this as an opportunity to save some money and have an extra special holiday next year. If you do find a good deal somewhere, make sure you invest in holiday insurance or refund protection so that you can cancel the booking if you need to. Although, hopefully, 2021 will offer a much needed boost to the tourism industry.

You may also consider a ‘staycation’ holiday this summer. In the hope that rules allow you to stay in holiday rentals overnight, you may decide to pre-book one in your own country. Many people will really need this break after the stress of the lockdown situation and the complexities of working from home for months on end. If you are struggling for money due to the crisis, you may opt to put the booking on a credit card to pay off at a later date. You might also consider short term loans online. Wonga say you should think very carefully about how you take on extra debt at this difficult time. You should weigh up the pros and cons and how you can repay the debt. If you are confident that the debt can be repaid, you might consider this a good move in order for your family to get a little break this year. If you are uncertain of your financial future, perhaps having lost a job or still paying back student loans , then borrowing money might need more consideration.

If that is the case, this shouldn’t stop you dreaming. Set up a Pinterest account or travel board and add places you would like to visit, activities you would enjoy and ideas about your next adventure. This can give you much more focus next year when you do have the money and the rules allow us to travel abroad again.

Whatever your situation, travel isn’t gone forever – we as humans thrive on travel, exploration and seeing new places and the industry will be counting on people like you when it reopens again.

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