The quarantine has brought with self, immense time to relax and binge eat your favorite food while trying your hand in making it. And the world has been great evidence of how experimental cooking has made history. So, below we bring you a list of some very easy and home-cooking recipes for cakes.

The #COVID19 pandemic can stop us from binge eating at our favorite bakeries, but it cannot stop us from baking happiness at home, right? Keeping all the if’s and but’s of Bake Cake Recipes aside, here are some easy to make, cake-like delights that you can easily prepare with available items. And not to forget, the least time given to you for shopping for daily essentials, add these ingredients in your cart and bake yourself some sweet delights.

Bread-Jam Cake-

Every Indian has grown up eating this super quick, satisfying sweet recipe. Grab on some bread slices (wheat, whole grain bread, white or brown bread), spread your favorite jam on one slice of bread, and another slice with some Nutella spread, and make as many layers as you want. Decorate the uppermost slice with chocolate syrup and you are done. Remember, you can always switch the Nutella spread with peanut butter, almond butter, or any of your favorite spread, no foundation.

Cookie Crumb Cake-

Take your favorite cookies or biscuits, and finely grind them (crush them with a roller if in case you don’t have a grinder). Now to this cookie powder, add some melted butter to bind it. After the mix is ready and you think it can be given any shape, spread it in a container. Add another layer of either melted chocolate or choco-chips, and then add another layer of cookie mix. Repeat it till you achieve your desired layers and at the top, pour some chocolate syrup and sprinkle some gems or chocolate cookies. Keep the container in the refrigerator to set for 10-15 minutes and serve.

Fruit Punch Cake-

For this recipe to begin, you will need some dry cake (you can buy it while you are out for grocery shopping). Now, start with making a layer of this cake in a container and spread some Peanut butter on it, spread a layer of kiwi slices on it. Then another layer of dry cake and Nutella spread and spread a layer of apple slices. Then the next layer of dry cake and Peanut butter and another layer of banana slices. Then the final layer of dry cake, and pour some sugar syrup on it, to make the upper layer moist. Let this container rest in your refrigerator for 10-15 minutes to set and then have it. This cake is healthy as well as delicious to have.

So, for now, try these three no-bake cake recipes and calm all your hormones, that are craving for a mouth-water outside sweet dish. Also, whenever the online cake delivery in Delhi, Mumbai, Secunderabad, Bangalore, and other cities resumes, you can binge eat your favorite red-velvet or fruit cake. Treat yourself with these engaging recipes and get your instagram stories banged with these quick recipes.

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