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Unwanted body hair is something we all struggle with. If you are like most people, you probably shave
it off. After all, shaving is practically painless, easy and can be done at home. The problem is shaving,
and even other methods like waxing, does not always get rid of unwanted body hair consistently. The
hair also tends to grow back quite fast. There are several clinical procedures for hair removal that have
been developed to be more useful. Many of them are light-based treatments.

How to Get Rid of Hair for a Long Time

The key to getting rid of hair for a long period of time is treating the hair in its entirety. It is easy to
think the only hair you have is the hair visible to you. However, to effectively treat it you must
visualize the part of the hair under your skin as well. Each hair grows from a follicle and slowly pokes
through several layers of skin before you ever see the top portion of it. That is why surface procedures
like shaving are so ineffective at removing hair for more than a few days.

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What a Laser Device for Hair Removal Is

A laser device designed to remove hair is a clinical tool capable of targeting and treating surface hair
and the portions of hair found down in your deeper skin layers. In fact, clinical hair removal
lasers target each of those hairs with extreme accuracy. The lasers produce both heat and light.
Together, they damage the pigment in each hair shaft and also damage each follicle. The more the
follicle is damaged, the slower it is to produce more hair.

What an IPL Hair Loss Device Is

An IPL, or intense pulsed light, hair loss device is somewhat similar to a laser, but it varies in a few key
ways. First, it does not produce as much heat. Second, it does not use an extremely focused beam of
light. Instead, it uses a wider burst of light to treat the hairs. For that reason, IPL treatments are
sometimes faster and can even be performed at home using commercially sold kits. However, it is
important to remember laser procedures are the strongest of the two treatments. Therefore, they are apt
to produce results faster.

Laser and IPL Treatment Location Flexibility

The popularity of IPL and laser treatment for removing hair is at least partially due to location
flexibility. When you want to get rid of unwanted hair at home, you may have difficulty treating certain
areas, such as your back. In a skincare clinic, your clinician can treat any body part you want, with very
few exceptions.

The size of the area to be treated also does not matter when you have IPL or laser treatment. In under a
second a laser can treat a circular area of skin the size of the beam. Therefore, even larger areas are
treatable in very little time. Treatment with an IPL device is similarly quick and convenient.
Post-Laser or IPL Treatment Expectations

After having a laser or IPL treatment, do not expect much. One appointment does not immediately
remove hairs. After completing a full round of treatment sessions you should notice a significant loss of
hair. A full treatment round often consists of up to six sessions. The hair also may take some time after
the last session before it disappears.

The long-term prognosis after any type of clinical hair removal is unpredictable but typically positive.
A lot of the hair disappears for several weeks or longer. However, some regrowth can occur sooner. If

that happens, some minor at-home maintenance may be necessary. At some future time you may also
wish to undergo additional treatments to maintain your hair loss.

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