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Whatever period or era your house or apartment is, it can be a challenge to keep up with the current, and ever-changing interior trends. However, if you’ve managed to create a living space that feels fresh and comfortable; you’re already most of the way to reaching the ultimate interior design goal. The next thing on your list should be adding some character to a room so that your personality can really shine through. It’s important that your home feels cosy and unique, and ensuring that you’re surrounded by your taste and style choices is the best way to achieve both. A bland and uninspiring box is going to do little towards helping you unwind and relax, so it’s crucial that your focus turns to enrich your living space.

You might think that feature walls are only for those with fireplaces and chimney breast, but, that’s simply not the case. A feature wall can be anywhere and any size, depending on your living space and accommodation. It’s about drawing the eye to a particular part of the room and filling it with things that convey your personality so that there’s no doubt who resides in your home. Creating a feature wall is also a great way to test out some trends and ideas that you love the look of, without renovating the whole of an interior space. Therefore, when your taste change (and they will); you don’t have the mammoth task of redoing the whole of your lounge or living area. The following are some ideas and inspiration for those who are ready to add their savvy design skills to their interior space and enliven a tired and under-loved wall in their home.

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You may have great family memories and photographs of friends scattered around your home; however, why not collate them and put them together in one space. Print off some more of your favourites from social media, grab some form old photo albums, and sort out your picture framing so that you have even more memories to display. Picture shelves are affordable and easy to pop up on your wall, and they give you the freedom to rearrange as you wish, and you can add and change photos without having to use a hammer and nails. Making the faces of your nearest and dearest a feature in your home is a great way to fill a space with character, fun, and great memories.

Wallpaper And Paint

Whether you’ve sourced some incredible vintage wallpaper, or have fallen in love with a particular colour; making them the focal point of a room is the perfect way to enjoy them. They can either become a background for some of your other decorative items or become a feature on their own.

Art And Ornaments

Your prints, paintings, and ornaments can be a mixture of sentimental and personal items, and interior accessories that complement the style of your space. Utilising fireplaces, picture shelving, or that teal colour you’ve just painted on the main wall of your lounge, is a great way to show off the items that will add even more interest to your home.

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