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Dilapidated Room Interior

Maybe you’ve been living in your home for a long time already, and have just been distracted by the priorities of work and family life, to the extent that you’ve let things become messy and chaotic, and have ended up becoming accustomed to having things that way.

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Then again, maybe you’ve just moved somewhere new, to the house of your dreams, and are eager to set yourself up for a joyful future, but are struggling to deal with rubble left half-buried in the garden, and the inevitable clutter that accumulates during the process of moving.

For various reasons, we often find it very easy to remain in messy surroundings and to put off cleaning and tidying up our homes or property. Some of these reasons include, for example, the fact that cleaning isn’t really “fun”, and it’s not as pressing a concern as other things, like meeting work deadlines.

If this sounds like you, here are a few reasons why cleaning up your home can actually transform your life for the better.

Humans are narrative-oriented creatures; a messy environment makes us believe certain negative things about ourselves

One thing that many psychologists agree on I that people are narrative-oriented creatures, meaning that we’re always looking for stories to tell ourselves in order to make sense of the world around us and how we relate to it.

This applies mainly subconsciously, and it means that factors in our environment can have a major impact on how we think about ourselves.

When your home environment is a total mess and you feel unable to bring it to order, this feeds the subconscious idea that you’re helpless and not in control of your own destiny.

Needless to say, actually cleaning up and putting things in order conveys the opposite message.

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Simplifying your life can help you to get back in touch with what’s truly important

Chaos means pretty much the same thing as “too much complexity”, and it’s when there’s too much going on that we become confused and lose track of the really important things in life.

If your home environment is completely chaotic, your mind will inevitably be dragged in a dozen different directions all day, even if you barely notice it.

Should I put my clothes in the pile on the sofa, in the wardrobe, or on that chair in the bedroom? Should I mow the lawn, dig out the refuse from the ground, or just watch TV?

Cleaning up allows you to clarify your focus and pay attention to what’s really important.

Cleaning and decluttering your property can make it infinitely more spacious and open up all sorts of possibilities

When you get all the rubble removed from your garden, with the aid of a company such as Cheapest Skips, or finally throw out those old jam jars you’ve been hoarding, you’ll notice something interesting.

Suddenly, your home and property become a lot more spacious.

With all this newfound space, you can discover a near-endless range of possibilities which were invisible to you before.

Maybe your garden now has room for a pagoda and barbecue. Maybe your living room now has space for a pool table.

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