gas fireplace

A fireplace in your home can be such a wonderful amenity. Just imagine, being able to curl up in front of a beautiful fireplace when it’s cold outside! The sheer comforting luxury of that thought!

There are many different types of fireplaces available today, and they can be in different styles so that you can choose one that matches the interiors of your home. However, one of the most convenient types of fireplaces is the one run by gas.

Advantages of a Gas Fireplace

A gas fireplace brings heat and light into your home and it has a lot of advantages over food-burning or even electric fireplaces. Here is a list of the advantages of having a gas fireplace.

  • Instant Heat: Unlike a wood fireplace, which takes time and effort to light up, all you need to do to enjoy the warmth of a gas fireplace is to turn it on!
  • Constant and Continuous Heat: Gas fireplaces give constant and continuous heat, so you’re warm and cozy all the time.
  • Heat Circulation: There are models of gas fireplaces that have blowers built into them. These blowers circulate the heat from the fireplace to the rest of the house, so you have uniformity of heat throughout your home.
  • No Extra Work: A wood fireplace is wonderfully old-fashioned and romantic, but there is a lot of extra work required. You need to buy the wood, haul it to your home and find a place to store it carefully. If your wood gets wet, that’s it – you can’t use it until it dries out. With gas fireplaces, you don’t have to worry about all this extra work. Plus, you don’t have to chop down trees, which is a win for the environment.
  • Saving on Energy: An electric fireplace can take up a lot of power, which means big utility bills. A gas fireplace, on the other hand, can give you as much as 25% savings on your heating bill!
  • No Cleaning Required: When you use a wood fireplace, one of the biggest drawbacks is the cleaning that is required every time you use the fireplace. With a gas fireplace, except for regular maintenance, you don’t really need to do anything to keep the fireplace clean.
  • Environmentally Friendly: A gas fireplace has hardly any emissions, so it is a great option from an environmental perspective.
  • Ease of Use: Another huge advantage of using a gas fireplace is how easy it is to use. You can turn it on with the flick of a switch or a remote. Installation is also much easier than either an electric or a wood fireplace. And the best part is that since it isn’t dependent on electricity, you can still use your gas fireplace even if there is a blackout.
  • Safety: A gas burning fireplace is safe to use. There are no embers, sparks or flames that could endanger you, your children, pets and home.

Disadvantage of a Gas Fireplace

While having a gas fireplace has a number of advantages, there are a few disadvantages that you should know about:

  • Cost of Installation: The cost of installing a gas fireplace can be quite high, especially if you also need to have gas lines installed.
  • Simulation vs. Reality: The ceramic logs of a gas fireplace may look pretty, but they don’t really replace the genuine wood logs that pop and crackle in a wood fireplace.
  • Danger of Gas Leaks: Whenever you use a gas fireplace, there is always a danger of a gas leak from the pipeline, which can be very risky.
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