There are many things to consider when planning to change or add some stuff to your house. The best thing you could do is make your place more personal and cozy for you. This especially applies when you are organizing your room. To start setting your room, you must always start with the biggest piece of furniture in your room, the bed. However, choosing the right mattress can be a bit tricky.

Keep in mind that you should choose the appropriate mattress because it can directly affect your sleep quality. When shopping for a mattress, you should know which type of bed to get. It would be best if you adequately weighed the pros and cons. Then, come up with a decision. This article will introduce you to different types of beds to have an easier time purchasing your mattress.

Memory Foam

As mentioned, you must be knowledgeable of the different types of beds. Knowing which mattresses will work on your body is a significant factor in purchasing the best mattress. The first bed in this bed is memory foam. Memory foam is made up of polyurethane to improve its density and viscosity. This quality gives the best memory foam mattress a unique feeling.

The memory foam is also known as a body-hugging bed because of its ability to contour your body outline. It responds well to heat and pressure. When your weight is applied, it will mold its shape. Then, when this factor is removed, the foam returns to its original form in an instant. This excellent experience provides the sleeper an impression of a proper body-fit mattress.

One downside of memory foam is that it has a low airflow. The mattress tends to trap heat. As a result, it can be uncomfortable and hot for the sleeper to sleep in. If you are the type who appreciates a cool feeling to its bed, this mattress might not be for you.


The most widely known type of bed in this list is innerspring. It has been around the market for a long time now and is available to almost every store. Innerspring mattresses are made up of individually wrapped coils on their core to provide spine support. Furthermore, this traditional bed is famous for its bounciness.

The materials of the innerspring provide its springiness. Unlike the sinking, hugging-feeling of memory foams, innerspring is on the firmer side. This type of bed is relatively ideal for some sleeping positions and body types. Moreover, this type of mattress has excellent airflow because of the spaces of each spring underneath the bed. So, sleepers resting on an innerspring can enjoy the cool feeling of the bed every night.

However, as great as the innerspring sounds, this mattress also has a few cons. This bed might not suit the light sleepers because, unlike the memory foam, the innerspring does not absorb motion. Instead, when your bedmate moves at night, you will feel the movement.

Latex Mattress

It will help if you remember two types of latex mattresses, natural latex, and synthetic latex. The natural latex is collected from the extracted rubber tree sap and then used to manufacture latex products.

The natural latex mattress has a springy feeling. Also, its elasticity provides excellent support to the body and relieves pain to pressure points. Moreover, it is an eco-friendly product that you can safely shift to. It is hypoallergenic and is naturally antimicrobial. So, you will not have to worry about getting any allergic reaction to this eco-friendly product.

On the other hand, synthetic latex mattresses are produced to copy the properties of natural latex. It is made from petrochemicals, which can be harmful to humans. The bed has an abrasive odor and is less durable compared to natural latex. Most people opt for synthetic latex foams because this type of mattress has a lot of varieties to satisfy your aesthetics.

Gel Mattress

Next on the list is the gel mattress. Most people mistake the gel mattress for memory foam. Like the memory foam, the gel mattress also reacts well with heat and pressure. Both also absorb motion for improved sleep quality.

Gel mattresses are infused with cooling gel beads, which can be its unique feature from memory foam. One of the significant differences between the two beds is heat retention. Gel mattresses disperse the heat away, improving your sleep at night. You also do not have to worry about support. Gel mattress does its job well in giving you the adequate spine support you need as you sleep.

With all its excellent features, a gel mattress comes with a rather pricey price tag. When shopping for beds, you must make sure that you stay within your price range. If the gel mattress does not match your prepared budget, you might need to cross this bed out of your list.

Air Mattress

The air mattress is an ideal type of bed for people who love to camp. You can bring this bed wherever you want so you will have a comfortable sleep despite not being in your room. It also does not compromise your well-being and helps in improving blood circulation and pressure relief.

Additionally, you can easily adjust the firmness of the air mattress however you want. If you want your bed to be firmer, you can add more air to it. However, if you prefer a softer type, you can remove some air instead. Despite this convenience, air mattress takes time to set up.

Depending on the size of the air mattress, it takes a long time to fill a bed of two people. Also, the machine used in filling the bed with air can be loud and noisy. It may disturb your neighbors and irritate you. Still, an air mattress can be convenient and fun to assemble.


After you have learned about the few types of beds, you can now look for them in the market. Then, start your canvassing and prepare your budget. Keep in mind to put your comfort as your topmost priority and have fun looking for the right mattress for you.

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