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A big car, like a people mover, can be intimidating. We see them on the road and struggle to picture ourselves behind the wheel. We worry about control, size, and power. But, there are more of them on the road than ever before, more car manufacturers are having a go at their own designs, and people mover owners absolutely love their cars and wouldn’t ever want to go back to a smaller car. It’s certainly safe to say that there are many benefits to driving a people mover. Let’s take a look at some of them.

You’ll Have Room to Grow

Of course, one of the main advantages to a bigger car like a Kia Carnival, People Mover, Best Family Wagon around, is the space. These cars can easily seat eight people with plenty of legroom and space to stretch. If you plan on having more children in the future, why wait and have to buy a bigger can later on, why not just get one now instead to save money in the long run?

If you’ve already got a larger than average family, you may find yourself running two cars at the moment which can be much more expensive and a lot worse for the environment, not to mention inconvenient for your family. This also means both parents have to drive. If they don’t, half of the family might end up using public transport for long journeys which is never easy with kids in tow.

Whether you’ve got a big family already, or plan on extending in the future, a people mover gives you the space that you need.

Room to Stretch

It’s not just families with more children that benefit from a people mover. Even the average 2.5 children family can enjoy a bigger car. If the kids are fighting, you can separate them by a row of seats. You can head to the back seat for a nap, or you can all stretch your legs in comfort. If you’ve got a child seat or two fitted, a more substantial car gives you much more room to get everyone in and out in comfort, without banged heads and bashed elbows as you try to manoeuvre everyone into place awkwardly.

Versatile Space

Another significant benefit is versatility. You’ve always got options with a people mover. You can all stretch out on your own row of seats, you can give family members and friends a ride without having to leave anyone behind, you can have another baby, or you can convert the back row of seats into a larger cargo area. It’s your space to use as you need by making a few simple changes.

They’re Great for Road Trips

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It’s a much cheaper way to see more of the country. It allows you to be flexible and spontaneous and it’s a wonderful chance to have some fun with your family without distraction. But, can you imagine a long road trip in a small family car? It’d be sticky and hot with everyone squashed together, there’ll soon be rubbish everywhere. The car would smell, and everyone would be uncomfortable. You’d all have to stay in the same seats for the whole trip, as that’s the only way to fit everyone in and you’d have limited space for luggage and even less space for the things you need in the cabin to make the trip comfortable.

In a people mover, you can all stretch out. Even with eight passengers and every seat full, there is room to stretch your legs and take everything that you need. There’s also great air circulation in a larger cabin area, so it stays cooler and smells fresh even in warm conditions. You’d also all have to option to switch seats and sit next to other people for parts of the trip.
If there’s less of you, you’ll have loads of room for everything that you could possibly need for the perfect getaway. A people mover really is the perfect option if you like to go on long road trips with your family.

Perfect for Shopping


They’re not just ideal for long trips. If you’ve ever been on a large shopping trip and had to balance a toddler on your hip while you open the trunk of your car, at the same time balancing bags on one arm, before then having to hoist your bags up to get them into the car, only to find that they don’t fit and you need to put one on the back seat anyway, you’ll appreciate the ease in which everything will fit into a people mover.

The trunk of most people movers is at the perfect height to just slide your bags in, without any lifting or delicate balancing. Some newer models even have smart power doors that will open automatically if you are stood next to them with your key in your pocket. Making the whole process even easier.

It’s Good for Your Back

People movers and other larger cars are often higher off the ground than smaller cars. If you struggle with back pain, this can be ideal. Instead of crouching down and almost squatting into your car, you step up. This is a much more controlled and safe movement. Added space and height inside the car also means that you can have your seat in a very upright position and still sit comfortably.


criss cross freeways

Control is one of the things that people worry about in a larger car. But, it’s one of the things drivers of people movers and family wagons enjoy the most about their vehicle. With a car this size, you are very much in control. These cars are designed with families in mind, so they are equipped with all of the best safety features and accessories while offering an easy and smooth drive. You’ll feel in control of your car, not controlled by it. You’ll feel like you and your family are safe, and you’ll enjoy driving more than ever before.

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