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Searching for a latte substitute #caffeinefreephona

There’s only so much herbal tea one can drink in a day. So, in search of a milky fix, without caffeine, I’ve headed down the path of cinnamon. Yum. So this morning, I’m drinking hot almond milk, with a tsp of brown sugar and a few shakes of cinnamon. And it’s doing the trick :)…

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Going Caffeine-Free for a Month. For Charity. And for my 30 before 30.

So. I’m biting the bullet. Aiming to tick off another Thirty before 30 item. Elizabeth has dangled the carrot of a $50 donation to the Steve Waugh Foundation if I succeed. I can do it right? No black tea, or coffees. Til the end of the financial year. At least I’ve cut out diet coke…

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Bloggers I met and liked – Giveaway

One of my Thirty before 30 goals was to meet 10 more internet people IRL… and I achieved that one with the meetup last weekend. I’m not very far through my list… but I’m getting there. Slowly. Maybe. I might get there. I have 13 more months. Giveaway Time! Want to win yourself one the…

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(Vegan) Cupcakes at Dawn

Up a little early this morning to ice my first batch of Vegan Cupcakes… It’s #39 Bake awesome vegan cupcakes to take into work on my Thirty before 30 list. At my work, you provide cake for the person whose birthday falls after yours, so as my birthday was recently it’s my turn to bring…

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31 Photos in 31 Days (Day 10) Holey Tights

The steel $3.50 tights… they didn’t last the day! Somehow, Jen’s encouragement led me to register for The Canberra Times Family Fun Run and Walk… for the 10k! No idea how far I’ll get, but it all ties in with Thirty before 30 #3 Run 8km and #11 Run 10km (yeah, separate. No idea!) I…

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