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Annie’s Last Paper Not Coming Out

From Live Toad Annie’s Last Paper Not Coming Out In a bizarre replay of Annie’s Coming Out (1980) the Department of Human Services is preventing Anne McDonald‘s oldest friend, Leonie McFarlane, from delivering a presentation in her memory. Leonie‚Äôs case is to be taken to the Supreme Court today by Ron Meldrum, QC. Anne McDonald…

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Work-Nerding (aka Things that are exciting me that are work related)

Fun and progressive things in the world of Speech Pathology: The Speech Pathology Australia National Conference in May. They’ve even put the Conference Dinner on the last night to keep us there til the end! The LINCS speech pathology project – looking at best service delivery models for High Schoolers with language impairment. Hoping to…

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Term Time!

Today’s officially the first day of semester for the University of Canberra… probably the earliest starting uni in Australia, they’ve commenced having a half-length winter semester mid year. If I ever decide to head back and do a teaching qualification it will really come in handy, but for now it just means getting my brain…

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