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Creative Methods of Cooking with Spirits

Collaborative Post If you find that you have accumulated too many spirits in your liquor cabinet from parties or gifts, instead of trying to drink it all in a short burst or leaving it to go to waster, the better (and healthier) use is to cook with it. In this blog post, we are going…

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Work It!

I started work on Monday :) Yay! One of my sites in in the Life Education hub site for Newcastle, and Happy Healthy Harold is everywhere! He’s in the bathrooms, in the kitchen, and greets me as I walk into the centre! There’s also very 90s health tips and inspirational quotes from people who competed…

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Smirnoff Wine Coolers…. wait??? that’s not Vodka!

These drinks do taste nice, the passionfruit is just like an alcoholic tasting passiona, but I’m a little bit cynical about the reasons to not use vodka in your drinks and instead make a wine based cooler, ESPECIALLY if you are, like, an international vodka company like Smirnoff. When the federal government raised the “alcopops”…

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HeadsUp Relief Hangover Prevention – Win!

It’s party season! (or Friday, up to you) So you’re likely to have a few more than usual…. And, wake up feeling it, because, none of us are 19 anymore. We try different things, hair of the dog, diet coke and bbq chicken, blue Gatorade (HAS to be blue) Here’s something else to try –…

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On why I can’t drink at the moment

It would be great if I could stop at one. A social glass of wine. Sipping slowly, to make a toast. But my head doesn’t stop me at one. It goes “oh hey, that’s relaxing, I’m not so freaked out any more by this social situation. Let’s have another!” But 2 then won’t stay at…

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