Royal Botanic Gardens with Rish

Another year has gone. That makes 14 years since watching the Xmas lights, getting bitten by mozzies, and curling up together at Brian’s.

14 years. A huge year again this year. Different cities. Awesome highs and hellish lows. Lots to take on, to end. Moving. Growing up (???). Growing together. While apart. Sharing so much. Even if by text, email, weekly recaps or occasional MMS. It’s been tough, but we’re still so strong.

We’re still growing together.


Happy Anniversary, Rish.

Spreading Threadless Love

It’s been a long, hard year, but we’ve made it through.

Schönbrunn Palace, Vienna

Through the laughter, through the tears, frustrations. Through your thesis! and the other uni work. Through our issues.

Through love, through life.


How is it we’ve put up with each other all this time? How is it we’ve grown up together and still love each other so dearly? How is it we’re still wanting what’s best for the other?


Happy Anniversary.



It’s our anniversary… eleven years since the sweet little 15 year olds that … well we may have been, memories always gloss things over… 11 years since I succumbed to Rish’s charms.

And we’re seriously stronger than ever.

To celebrate… once we get going for the day (had a late one last night… dancing in the gay nightclub cube is the best way to see in a new year together.. and he went out for weapons training while I slept in) Rish is taking me to Sabayon for dinner. There’s also the lighting of the city Christmas Tree tonight… we hung around the tree last year :)

xxx ;)

I love you Rish! :)

Rish and I had a lovely anniversary

The day was a normal one – though I did show up at a school that was so calm, I was wondering if the students were actually there! and Drop-in clinic was super busy, but I came away from it with a smile. Feeling productive.

Rish picked me up from work, with a surprise of what I thought was a dozen red roses. Not that I counted them, but he told me later there were actually ten :) Flowers are always such a surprise, as I’m not always into them given they die… but every now and then they make me so mushy!
Two Sisters Thai in Dickson for Pad Thai and Mussamum Beef (our Thai staples).. and then in to Koko Black in Civic to make ourselves sick :p Had the Belgian Spoil… then wandered off the recvered under the massive Christmas Tree in Civic Square. Lovely, relaxed evening.

And Unconscious Mutterings 253

  1. Master :: Margarita
  2. Tour :: de France
  3. Input :: Output
  4. Downtown :: girl
  5. Pricey :: $$$
  6. Acceptable :: behaviour
  7. Terrace :: house
  8. Sunday :: sleep in!
  9. Payoff :: jackpot
  10. Jack and Jill :: went up the hill
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