A friend linked to a post about the book Ant Encounters: Interaction Networks and Colony Behavior (Primers in Complex Systems)… the post had the following quote:

Every summer, I get calls from people who are puzzled to find a heap of dead Argentine ants in their freezer. The ants are attracted to something, presumably an odor, in the rubber lining of freezer doors. No ant finds the freezer and goes back to recruit the others; once an ant goes in the freezer, it is doomed. But since the ants lay trail wherever they go, the ants that are attracted to the freezer all lay a trail on their way to it, and this is reinforced by more curious but equally doomed ants. Since Argentine ants are enormously abundant in many parts of the world, this procedure must lead to food more often than to the untimely death of many ants.

This, of course, all relates to my experiences with ants on the toothbrush

Perhaps I should put my toothbrush in the freezer? Or we need to get in touch with Deborah Gorton?

*adds to Amazon Wishlist*

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Back in November, you may recall a little Ant Problem we had. ie, they wanted to eat Rish’s toothbrush…

That was explained away by Colgate as them perhaps after the residue of toothpaste…

But that won’t explain this:

WTF? More ants this time on NEW toothbrushes

Yes, you see right, the ants have found their way into to NEW pack, as if seeking it out… weird ants with a craving for rubber. (yes the pack was opened with a couple of brushes out, but really, ants?)

I will let you know what Colgate have to say on this one!

Yes, I may just be back from one holiday, but there are only 13 working days til Xmas break – shutdown over Xmas and new year, so I have from Dec 24 til 4th Jan off.

Hopefully I will have a car back and be able to drive to Newcastle! Yesterday afternoon the reverse gear made an awful crunching sound when I went to back it out of the driveway. I’m hoping the forward motion works so that, after my big strong males push it up onto the road, I can drive it to the mechanics for an expensive repair. Automatic transmission, I’m told, can be rather expensive. Merry Xmas, hey?

I have 494 photos and videos from out Melbourne trip to upload – gorgeous scenes, particularly of the area around the Great Ocean Road – but they will come in time.

In the meantime, here’s what Colgate sent in response to the Ant Issue..

Freebies from Colgate. Shall see if the ants get these ones

There’s something about the rubber on Colgate Toothbrushes that ants seem to love…

Colgate 360 With Ants

Colgate 360 With Ants

erm… this isn’t the first toothbrush of Rish’s this has happened to, either.


(In other news, I’ve submitted my last assignment for the year. Uni break! yay! – yes I still have to go to work. But UNI BREAK! YAY!)

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