Summer dinners for me involved something small and cooked, surrounded with a huge amount of salad!

BBQ Salmon
Saturday Dinner.

Of course, it’s even better to get Rish out on the BBQ :) That’s where salmon, steaks and sausages come in!

BBQ Salmon BBQ Salmon

Wine... retoxing?
Enjoyed a few glasses of wine… retoxing a little after my week away ;) The wine’s a sparkling sav blanc, and the strawberries tasted awesome after soaking in it ;) Picked those up for less than $2 a punnet at Aldi.

Last night I made the cherry tomato and feta tarts from the Golden Door cookbook :) Once I figured out defrosting the pastry they were nice and simple. Next step will be finding a place to buy frozen egg white here in Canberra so Rish doesn’t have to get through so many yolks!

Cherry Tomato and Feta Tarts

Post-gym smoothie
Post-gym smoothie. :) Frozen berries, Ladybird Soy Protein, So Good, Jalna Greek yoghurt and ice.

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