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So here you are, you’ve been married to the most amazing perfect ever, your kids are growing up. But now they are begging you for a puppy. They’ve been wanting one for years, but you’ve always managed to get them something else – a fish, maybe even a hamster. But now the time has come, and you can no longer put it off, it’s time that you added a dog to your family.

This is a big step for some people, particularly if they have never had a dog before. It can also add a lot more responsibilities to a family, so it’s important that you make sure that you can look after it properly. You’ve probably heard the saying “a dog is for life, not just for Christmas”, so this means that you need to make sure that you are ready and committed to having a dog in your life. If you are, then let’s find out what the best dog is for you and your family.

What Research Should You Do Before?

Before you get a dog, it’s a good idea to do some research first. You can easily go to your local vets and ask them some questions (might be a good idea to ring them up first), or you could easily look online for more information about dogs. Things that you need to look out for though, are the different breeds, what their exercise requirements are, the grooming requirements, the temperament, and the trainability of the breed.

Once you have a good idea of what breed you are interested in, then you should make sure that you go and spend time with this breed, either by going to a dog show or going to a local breeder. A good breeder will let you interact with their dogs because they know that the dog will be with you for life, so it’s good to see how you get on. If you are going to use a breeder (instead of adopting one), then make sure you know that the breeder is legit. Do not get a dog from a puppy farm, and if you suspect that it is a puppy farm, make sure to report it.

Which Breed are more “Kid-Friendly”?

There are plenty of different breeds of dogs out there, and some are more “kid friendly” then others. The highly trainable dogs are great with kids because they are easy to please and are usually more family oriented. Don’t forget though, that a dog isn’t evil or mean if it is well looked after. Most dogs aren’t born vicious, it’s the people they are brought up with. But of course, it’s easier to get a dog that is highly trainable. So, what sort of dog would be your best bet?

You should look at the sporting group of dogs, these are dogs that are bred to work besides human. Dogs like golden retrievers, German shepherds (there are loads of different types of German shepherds by the way) and even collies are great dogs for families with kids, as they are highly trainable and great with people. Just don’t forget, if you dog is in a loving home then they will be great around others as well, so make sure you have the time to train your dog properly.

What are the Dog’s Needs?

One of the main things that you really will need to seriously think about, are what will the dog’s needs be. Of course, you will be a dedicated and loving pet owner, but every animal comes with different needs and it’s important that you can manage this. All want to be fed nutritious, healthy meals, although some will eat more than others.

All dogs require grooming, some may need daily efforts when it comes to grooming (e.g. they might be long haired), whilst others might only need light attention. You need to know how much effort you’re willing to put into a pet before you adopt them. If you live a busy life, then get a dog which is a bit more laid back, otherwise you won’t be able to fulfil their needs. So, there you are some simple things to bear in mind if you are getting a dog. If you get a dog, then the next step is knowing how to train your dog!

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