Are you looking to buy books that your 9-year-old will be interested in reading? If yes, you are on the right page. Contained in this article are some of the best books for 9-year-olds. These books cover various types of stories and will help your 9-year-old kid build their creative and imaginative ability.

Let’s take a look at some of these books.


Amulet was written by Kazu Kibuishi and is a book centered on fantasy. This novel is a graphic one and is about two siblings with a mum that has been abducted.

In this novel, the two kids do not just try to save their mother, they try to get her out of the world of demons, talking animals, elves, and robots. It, therefore, is one that will keep you at the edge of your seat.

Beyond what this story is really about, it features beautiful artworks which ensures that this adventure gets to every single child that reads it.

The Last Kids on Earth

Adventure is not just good for grownups. It is also good for kids. Are you looking to buy a book you are certain will keep your kids at the edge of their seats? If yes, then, “The Last Kid on Earth” is one you should consider buying.

“The Last Kid on Earth” was written by Max Brallier and illustrated by Douglas Colgate. Although this book is about a zombie apocalypse, it still is a lot of fun. It is a perfect blend of fear and fun.

This book is about Jack and his best friend Quint. It is focused on their attempts to rescue June, Jack’s crush.

While the storyline of this book is captivating, it contains illustrations that make this storyline even more captivating.

The Diary of a Wimpy Kid

Written by Jeff Kinney, “The Diary of a Wimpy Kid” is a hilarious story about what life is like in middle school. This book makes it known that life in middle schools is a little difficult. Furthermore, Greg makes it a mission to prove that there are lots of difficulties associated with life in middle school.

The fact that this book focuses on life in middle school makes it ideal for kids in middle school. It is one that the average kid will fall in love with and will want to read over and over again.

I Survived

“I Survived” is a historical fiction that was written by Lauren Tarshis. If there is any book for kids that can cause an addiction to read, this book is definitely one.

“I Survived” is about adventures related to significant events. Furthermore, it is just ideal for kids that are just getting used to the idea of reading books that have chapters.

Beyond building a reading culture and having some fun when reading this book, your kids will have a clear understanding of the events that happened in the past.

Belly Up

“Belly Up” is a blend of humor and mystery. It was written by Stuart Gibbs and leaves lots of questions unanswered. The fact that certain questions remain unanswered in this book meansit is perfect for parents that are looking to build their children’s imagination.

“Belly Up” is a blend of humor, adventure, and mystery and can be trusted to keep your kids at the edge of their seats throughout the period they read it.


“Restart” was written by Gordon Korman and is about a character that is unable to remember his past. This character is known as Chase.
Although Chaseoriginally does not know anything about himself, as soon as he leaves the hospital, he begins to have cluesof what his life is really about. After having an idea of what his past is like, Chase is not comfortable with his past. He, therefore, needs to make a decision of what he really wants to be.

To an adult, this book might just be a story for kids. It, however, is more than just a story. It is a book that makes kids understand the importance of choices and how the choices that we make can affect us.

Land of Stories

If you have kids that have always dreamt about becoming fairies, then, this is one book you have to purchase for your kids. Land of Stories was written by ChrisColfer and is basically about two siblings, Alex and Conner that get transported to the world of fairies. In this book, these siblings need to get certain ingredients before making it home. These ingredients are for a Wishing Spell. Also, locating them is not the easiest of things to do. There is a lot of danger associated with getting these ingredients and Alex and Conner go through an adventure that will change their lives forever.

The Wild Robot

Written by Peter Brown, “The Wild Robot” is a book about a robot that spends time with animals on an island. Due to the fact that this robot is the only robot on the island, animals treat it like it is a mobster. This treatment continues until this Roz goes on to make a nest.
Although this book was written for kids in mind, it is one that can be read by people of all ages.

Bernice Buttman, Model Citizen

Written by Niki Lenz,this book is focused on a character that considers quitting the lifestyle of a bully and decides to live a better life. Although not a book that is filled with humor, ‘Bernice Buttman, Model Citizen’is one that is definitely going tobring some warmth to the heart of every 9-year-old.

Although Bernice startsout as a bully in this book, she undergoes a change of attitude after her mother sends her to spend some time with her aunt in a different part of town.

In this book, Bernice has a complete change of attitude. She makes a new friend, becomes a better person, and gets to live with the nuns.

smiley people

My sister, her partner, and her two kids had a mega joint birthday party on the weekend, where there were awesome sausages, beautiful cakes, and lotsa crazy children!

we're down the back!
Hipster me with the chalk ;)

sugar table
Sugar table!

We were greeted with a sunny it’s-almost-spring-people kinda of day, and set up accordingly, with outdoor activities and toys that kept the kids so amused just playing there was no need for pass the parcel or anything adult run!

Beak and sons sausages

Bruce and I set to work on the BBQ we’d brought over by trailer, annointing it with the delicious tastes from these Beak & Sons sausages I’d received from a PR contact the day before. The three flavours were well received – I liked the beef best, followed by the unusual fennel in the pork – with the onion and salads. (The sausages are $6.49 / pack at Woolworths)


beer holder neck strap
The stubbie holder from the Food and Wine show the day before came in handy for hands-free BBQ-ing!


A few of the kids amused themselves by seeing who could write up to the highest number. A few others kept taking turns with the toy vacuum cleaners…

minions hello kitty turtles nutella cupcakes

Before we knew it, it was cake time – time for these GORGEOUS cakes made by Aimee – There were Minions for Liam, Hello Kitty for Ezri, Nutella for Jen and Turtles for Daniel!

hello kitty cupcakes

Minions Cupcakes

hello kitty cupcake

No prizes for guessing which oh so sweet pink Hello Kitty cupcake I went for ;)

Pink Princess

Princess Anna with Makka

Happy Birthday Jennie, Daniel, Liam and Ezri!!!

Bring on Spring!

pokolbin wine and olives

So, I had a birthday (like we all do), and it won’t surprise you that I spent it eating and drinking, tasting and sampling, laughing and enjoying. I’d bought a Groupon for a wine a stuff tasting experience with a bottle of wine and jar of olives to take home, and insisted on that being my birthday do.

pokolbin estate olives wine

hunter organics


So much to sample, wines and dukkah, olives and oils, and all sorts of delish!

wine tasting


We took home the delightful dry Riesling. Love me a nice dry white!


Pokolbin Estate Vineyard
Address: 298 McDonalds Rd, Pokolbin NSW 2320
Phone:(02) 4998 7524

[flexiblemap address=”298 McDonalds Rd, Pokolbin NSW 2320″ region=”au” directions=”true”]

hunter beer

Then off to the Brickworks for a couple of beers and an antipasto luncheon.


Hunter beer co

Hunter Beer Co / Brickworks
Wine Country Dr & Fleming St, Nulkaba NSW 2325
Phone:(02) 4991 7922

[flexiblemap address=”Wine Country Dr & Fleming St, Nulkaba NSW 2325″ region=”au” directions=”true”]

Birthday sponge cake with Makka Pakka, Hello Kitty, Orange Frog

Birthday sponge cake with Makka Pakka, Hello Kitty, Orange Frog

It was my birthday on Wednesday, the ripe old age of 33. Celebrated with a trip to the Pokolbin Vineyards and Tacos with the family. The Winery visits will be shared with you soon, but here’s my awesome birthday cake, with Makka Pakka, Hello Kitty and Random Orange Frog figurines /slash/ cake toppers added by the delightful little people in my life.

So, this Friday we have two lovely wines from the Angel Funded Naked Wines, which never fails to delight!

Andevine Cab Sav

The Andevine Hilltops Cabernet Sauvignon 2014 was a “bonus” for me this month in my case. Not the usual style we drink, but as soon as it was poured, it was a winner. I can’t always smell the spice or chocolate, but this had chocolate notes for sure! And went down just as well as chocolate ;)

Brian Fletcher Shiraz

Our other newbie this week was the Brian Fletcher Estate Western Australian Shiraz 2013, which was a suggestion based on my usual purchases from Naked, and I’m glad I slipped two into this order because it was well received with the Hunter Belle blue we were finishing off :)

Me at the winery

Tried any new wine lately?


And yes, I can believe it.


While the time has flown, you’ve grown into such a little girl – I think you were a toddler for a brief few months my little niece.

Ez and Li Sharing

You love your brother to an extreme, and he loves you back even if he does want a break sometimes!

Ez fashionista

You have an affinity for pink that is purely from within your glittery self!

xxxxxxxx Love you always!!!

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