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Fun In The Sun: A Gorgeous Australian Summer in the Garden

Collaborative Post As we’re done with Christmas and entering into the new year, for us Aussies we’re moving into the hottest and most exciting months of the year. Summertime is a chance to get outside, have fun, see friends and family and generally pack in as many activities as possible. One thing that’s always worth…

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Spent the day in a 2-day stuttering workshop. News of the morning was of course around the bushfires with over 130 now confirmed dead, and people’s connections to them. Two of the girls used to work down around there, visiting the schools occasionally that are being used for evacuation centres. Trying to contact the people…

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Victorian Bushfires

I knew there were going to be bushfires on Saturday/Sunday. But I didn’t realise so bad. Victorian Bushfires killed at least 108 with that number going to climb again, because that’s only the bodies they’ve found, but I hear there are still people critical in hospital with burns :( You can donate to the Red…

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