Cafe Macquarie Belmont Iced Coffee
Iced Coffee

Just back from a very filling lunch at the (surprisingly hipster) Cafe Macquarie in Belmont. Why surprisingly? Well, I just didn’t picture mason jar iced coffees in the highway suburb of Belmont. Nor the haloumi salad with quinoa that I nommed down!

Cafe Macquarie Belmont Haloumi Salad
Haloumi Salad with quinoa and greens, $17.50

The greens were a lovely mix – snow peas, broccoli, asparagus, fresh mint leaves, baby spinach and sprouts, with the crunch of pistachio nuts and the zesty lemon juice.

Cafe Macquarie Belmont
Club sandwich with chips, $15.50

These chips were awesomely crunchy! Would be lovely on their own or with their house made aioli.

Cafe Macquarie Belmont Cappuccino
Skinny Cap

The cafe was also involved in the “Block by Block” street art project that’s brightened up the ageing building in the area

Cafe Macquarie
26a Macquarie Street
Belmont, NSW 2280
02 4947 0658

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Ginger cat with cup of tea

Fancy a cup of tea with a certain ginger former Prime Minister? Or, rather, her cat namesake? Or perhaps you live in a flat with a “no-pets” policy and you sorely miss your kitty back at your parents place? Or is your partner allergic to cats so there’s no way you’ll ever have your own?

Well, if you’re in Canberra, you’ll soon be able to dine with some celebri-cats at the Capital Cat Cafe! The cafe is hoping to get up and running soon in hipster Braddon with the help of their IndieGoGo campaign. Some of the awesome rewards include your name on the wall of honour in the cafe for all eternity for only $20! This is an awesome reward for someone who can’t make it to Canberra but wants to support the kitties, or who just wants that kudos of all their mates seeing their name with envy every time they sup with (Sir Robert) Menzies.

Julia and Menzies hanging out
Julia and Menzies hanging out

The Capital Cat Café will have a unique Canberra feel. The cafe will be fitted out to reflect the many tourist attractions and natural features of the nations’s capital. The Kitty-Parliamentarians will have their own Prime Minister’s Office and Cabinet Room along with a mini Canberra decked out with all the facilities and equipment a cat could ever want or need! (Along with many media advisors, I’m sure)

Check them out!
Website – capitalcatcafe.com.au
Facebook – facebook.com/CanberraCatCafe
Twitter – twitter.com/CapitalCatCafe
Indiegogo – indiegogo.com/projects/capital-cat-cafe

Bowral Station sign

Went on a bit of an adventure (or epic journey) on Monday to go to Bowral for a job interview.

Train Ticket Bowral
ZOMG check it out, it’s a paper ticket!

Reasoning with myself that the $8.60 in train fare was about half of what the TOLL ROADS would cost me to get there, let alone petrol and having to stay awake for the journey, I got to Fassifern before 6am for the three trains there and three trains back.

Trainlink NSW purple train carriages to Newcastle

Settled in for a nap on the first leg, hoping all my connections would line up – which they did! Including the revelation that “Panania” is a place, and that people get excited to be getting on diesel trains, especially oldies on their excursion tickets who ignore the “quiet carriage” signage.

NSW Trainlink Cityrail diesel train at Bowral station

The interview was a couple of kilometres walk from the station, but as you see my feet were prepared (with heels to slip into on arrival!)

Daffodils Bowral

Springtime has certainly hit! With the gardens and wildflowers (weeds! and wanderers!) blooming

Daffodils Bowral

Wild flower bowral

flow bowral

red flower bowral

I got a tad pink from the sun, but it was lovely to be out :)

train board bowral clock

I had a latish lunch at Janecks Cafe and Bar

Courgette and Haloumi Breakfast fritters

Courgette and Haloumi fritters (all day breakfast menu – $17) and a lovely local Riesling!

All fuel for the epic journey home…

Janeks Cafe and bar
4/14 Wingecarribee St Bowral NSW 2576
(02) 4861 4414


So, let’s add sour cherries and almonds to our banana bread, hey? And hot. With butter. And fighting a two year old for it?


So the sour cherry and almond banana bread at Lee Rowans’s at Warners Bay? So awesome. Even when I did have to share it with my favourite and most domineering two year old…



Cappuccino and Baby chino all around…


But ZOMG their Splice tart was tangy and awesome!

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