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Sal’s by the Lake, Speers Point

After helping my mother move Dad’s excessive DVD collection to the new house, we met my sister and went for a relaxing, child-free(!), coffee at the newish cafe at Speers Point Park, Sal’s by the Lake. Mum and Jen each got the coffee and cake for $7. They look like Sara Lee cakes to me!…

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Lunch at Raw Cafe, Hunter Street Newcastle

There are two sites for Raw Cafe in Newcastle. One at the very est end of Hunter street, near the Backpackers’ accommodation, and the other inside the gym I’ve been frequenting while staying up here. I stopped at the Hunter Street cafe for lunch this week, excited by their promise of a healthy chicken burger…

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Coffee, cake and more cake. Photos from the Canberra bloggers’ meet last month.

Yay! I have my netbook back! So now, before I get completely snowed under by the moving away from Canberra thing, I’m going to share some of the awesome cake and coffee yums that we had at Cream a couple of weeks ago for the bloggers’ meet :D COFFEE: HOT CHOCOLATE: (complete with choc buttons…

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Breakfast at Grind cafe, Darby Street, Newcastle

I arrived an hour early for breakfast on Sunday. Apparently the Android Facebook App is not to be relied on for important things like time of events. Mine said 8:30am, Rish’s said 2:30am. At least he could easily tell his was wrong! A made up breakfast of gluten free toast, bacon, tomato and avocado. What?…

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