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Scope Mount Stromlo Cafe

Scope Mount Stromlo recently opened in the grounds of the Mount Stromlo Observatory. While my parents were visiting over the weekend, I took them up there for breakfast. (Bring your woolies if you’re going to sit out on the balcony! Or ride up, like most of the lycra-clad partons on Saturday morning did) From the…

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Darby Street Eats

Even when I’m only in Newcastle for a short stay, I tend to have a few meals on Darby Street :) Fruit salad with almond cous cous for breakfast from 3 Monkeys It’s been awhile since I’m been to 3 Monkeys, mostly because I’ve had quite bad service there in the past. But I was…

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A Twist at Honeysuckle

Friday night last week, a few friends and I headed into Honeysuckle (Newcastle) for the “Livesites” thing the council were putting on. This basically involved fire, music, belly dancers and us finding a place to eat! This was a chance for me to gloat about not freezing because I’ve got cold Canberra blood now, and…

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