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I think I judge my emotions too much, rather than just letting myself feel what I feel, and when someone dies, that’s always one of the more confronting times to over-think your emotions, your reactions. When older people die, I react more to the pain of the people around me than any overly strong emotions…

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Share your Fussy Eating tales – Win a Fruit Box from Aussie Farmers Direct

Ez turned one this week, and she is FAR from a fussy eater – the only thing she has refused to eat in the past is white bread (too boring!) preferring the multigrain loaf. She tucked into Dolmades when I handed her one, and stole half my olives last time I had a salad with…

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Too Young

Got news via text on Christmas Day, about 6pm, that my former workmate who was recently diagnosed with bowel cancer had passed away that morning in a hospital in Sydney. She was 26. I saw her less than 6 months ago, happy and healthy (looking), embarking on a new adventure on the South Coast with…

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