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The Benefits of Driving a People Mover

Collaborative Post A big car, like a people mover, can be intimidating. We see them on the road and struggle to picture ourselves behind the wheel. We worry about control, size, and power. But, there are more of them on the road than ever before, more car manufacturers are having a go at their own…

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A Wild World: Child Safety Concerns Which Are Taken For Granted

Collaborative Post Being a parent is often a battlefield filled with confusing and stressful problems. From the small things, like helping the kids with homework, to the slightly larger, like giving them the freedom to go out on their own, you will have a lot on your plate. This can make it hard to consider…

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Road Trip Checklist

Collaborative Post Road trips are incredibly exciting. Is there anything better than packing up your car or caravan and hitting the road to see somewhere new? Now so many of us make regular big trips, flying all over the world whenever we can, the sheer joy that comes with traveling can be easily lost. When…

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Can’t you just see me in this Pink Torana?

The perfect combination of cute and bogan, just like me! Let’s add a few accessories, hey? First up would be the Car seat covers and floor mats, of course. A decal for the back, number plate framesstickers, sun shade and key ring. It’s a start. (yes, I went to Toranafest 2012 in Newcastle today. It…

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Stealth Car

I went and saw some electric cars in action yesterday near OPH. So quiet… Don’t you, too, want a Tesla? Mustache :: Movember Person :: person-first language Restore :: order Discretion :: care Lamp :: shade Pillow cover :: sleep Arousal :: heightened Seattle :: Sleepless ATM :: machine Custard :: tart (week 399! Join…

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