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Seaview Malaysian, Redhead

Gluten Free Sponge from Slice of Life. Yum! A family birthday dinner in a Malaysian Chinese Restaurant in the suburb of Redhead. Seaview Malaysian was able to adjust our meals so all dishes were gluten free, and boy we were stuffed by the end of it! Prawn Toast (not GF) Chicken and Sweet Corn Soup…

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Sydney for yummy Chinese BBQ, rice noodle dumplings and fire alarms

Okay, so we really went down for Cirque du Soleil Ovo, but the highlight of any Sydney trip is gorging on decent Chinese food… mmmm…. At two of the Emporer’s Garden locations, and yummy as usual :D BBQ Duck and Pork BBQ Pork with rice noodle Garlic and Prawn Scallop Cha sieu pao Coconut Jelly…

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Shanghai Dumpling Cafe, Acton

Everyone loves a cheap feed, hey? Especially when they’ve been drinking and celebrating Rish submitting his thesis! Woo! Grabbed a table on Friday night at Shanghai Dumpling Cafe under Uni Lodge for a dinner that worked out at 10.70/head. I’m not really sure what we ordered, a bunch of noodles and dumplings, 10 dishes for…

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Sweet and Sour Pork (Awesome-style)

How much better is fresh-home-made awesomeness than something out of a jar? I used to hate sweet and sour pork/chicken, but then my only experiences had been of slimy carrot and pineapple out of an over-sugared Kantong or Chicken Tonight jar (than I used to sit at home til 11pm for Rish to get back…

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