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Dr. Marty Klein and I are like *this* – 14 good ways to observe Pornography Awareness week

Ignore the lies and mutterings about porn, let’s get an open discussion going. You should read this post and consider some of his suggestions: * If you use porn, talk about it with your partner. * Thank the clerk in your local convenience store for carrying porn magazines or DVDs. * Thank your local hotel…

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Annie’s Last Paper Not Coming Out

From Live Toad Annie’s Last Paper Not Coming Out In a bizarre replay of Annie’s Coming Out (1980) the Department of Human Services is preventing Anne McDonald‘s oldest friend, Leonie McFarlane, from delivering a presentation in her memory. Leonie‚Äôs case is to be taken to the Supreme Court today by Ron Meldrum, QC. Anne McDonald…

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Term Time!

Today’s officially the first day of semester for the University of Canberra… probably the earliest starting uni in Australia, they’ve commenced having a half-length winter semester mid year. If I ever decide to head back and do a teaching qualification it will really come in handy, but for now it just means getting my brain…

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One of the subjects I’m doing this semester involves posting weekly on the online Moodle system about the set readings… Then reading and respoding to the other students’ postings. Week 1’s topic is change, and reactions to change within the sytem at all levels. Change brings all sorts of emotions and challenges – as does…

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