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Yes, I cried in a sappy Disney cartoon – Tangled review and giveaway

Okay, who was the silly girl who decided to watch Tangled with a glass of wine while home alone eating leftovers while contemplating the future and life? Oh, that would be me, hey? Yes, I’m not into the romantic in real life, I’m not waiting for a prince, or spunky villain, to sweep me off…

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Childhood Memories and Tron Legacy (+ Giveaway)

The original Tron film was released 2 weeks before I was born (I was born a month and a day after Prince William if you want a different reference point), so it wasn’t really a part of my childhood… unlike, say, Transformers which was one of the morning cartoons for me, along with Cities of…

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Gluten Free Apricot and Pecan Mini-Muffins (+ GIVEAWAY!)

What does one make when she has a box of gluten free self-raising flour, a bunch of pecans, and a year old tin of apricots in the cupboard? (Mini) Muffins! Yay! (of course just another excuse to get my apron on) Based on this recipe, I subbed the bananas out for apricots, switched the flours…

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WIN for Easter: The Purple Glitter Jesus Money Box

A came across the most amazing sight in the $2 bin at Borders over the weekend while deciding on a Soy Vanilla Latte. It was almost like it was meant to be. The only Purple Glitter Jesus Money Box I’ve ever seen. I couldn’t NOT buy him. And now he could be yours. OMG (pun…

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