Chuck’s Life Less Serious Champion Challenge

A little friend came to visit the other week… He introduced himself as Chuck. He liked living at his own pace, never too fussed about anything…

We had a little fun together, thanks to him, and his friends at Chupa Chup’s Life Less Serious sending him along with enough Chupa Chups for he and I to keep sugared up for… a day or so…

Chupa Chups

Unfortunately for Chuck, he hit my doorstep just as final uni assignments were due, and when I was hitting a sugar-free exercise bender… for general health and for my waistline… more Chupa Chups for him!

Chupa Chups

He took his stash with him to the gym… I wouldn’t let him in the change rooms, cheeky boy, so he waited it out in my locker while I changed and went for my run…

Chupa Chups

Found him in there, so patient. Seriously, this boy can NOT be upset by anything. Not even by the killer ducks at ANU…

October 103

(This couple had FOURTEEN ducklings this spring… anyone else in awe/thinking of putting off children even longer with that prospect? :p)

Chupa Chups

See, not phased one bit. Though he was a little surprised that they turned down his sugary goodness…

You could win $10,000 cash (or even your own lil Chuck) by showing off your Life Less Serious to Australia. What are you waiting for? :D

Chupa Chups

So patient… hopefully the ants won’t come and steal his sugar!

What’s your favourite flavour? I’m a Cola girl through and through!

– I just won a $50 ezibuy voucher from That’s Noice! :) Thanks girls! I’m sure I will buy lingerie as promised… but no, you may not get an action shot :p
– I came very close to catching up on my reports today for assessment clinic. Still one report behind, but it’s a bit hard to get the report done before teh end of the day when you finish the assessment at 5:30pm… cold and dark out there!
– Awesome gym session.

Not so Good:
– At the end of the gym session, I had my drink botting in my mouth for some reason (it’s one of those tupperware ones) and bend down to grab my jumper. Misjudged. Hit drink bottle on footplate of the elliptical trainer I was half-on at the time. Smooshed lip. It’s a little fat and cracked right now.

Who’s unco? :p

CommentLuv (the awesome plugin that links back to YOUR last blog post when you comment on a site.. like this one) is having a contest for those who have commentluv installed on their blogs (latest version of course!) and who then spread the luv by commenting on other people’s sites. It’s all so gooey and warm. Just a shame that most of my commenters are “Real life” people without blogs…


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