Just got back from the chemist with this huge box of penicillin – 50 capsules. Let’s hop that by the end of that my earache and sore throat are long gone, hey? Given that was the cheap part of the purchase…. because despite not being on any other medications, the antibiotics will “definately stop the contraceptive pill from working” according to the guy at the chemist (yes, there was emphasis on the definately)… so other backup measures need to be in place (or at least within reach) before I let Rish anywhere near me ;) Or myself near a glass of wine, which is probably not a good idea to combine with anitibiotics either. But there’s a wine and cheese night tomorrow,and after that we’re catching up with someone for drinks. :( bah. Just have to be careful, I suppose.

I’m also hungry. I’m seriously going to have to be planned. Taking 4 a day, at least 2 hours after food and 30 mins before… I’m not sure how that will work wiht the insane dinnertimes we have… maybe I can take one before my afternoon tea and one before my dinner rather than one before bed? Maybe this can help with weightloss as I’ll be fearfull to eat and I won’t be able to figure it out. Or they’ll upset my stomach, which has been known to happen.

Okay, sandwhich time then naptime. I thinkk I got more germs than I woulds have liked to while waiting for the doctor. Children are gross little germbags.

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