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Lamb and Polenta

Throw all these in the crockpot in the morning:
Tray of lamb – cut doesn’t really matter, just trim the fat and don’t buy the $40/kilo stuff!
Tin of chickpeas, rinsed and drained
Large tin chopped tomatoes. Or two smaller tins.
2-4 (? start small and build up) Tablespoons Moroccan seasoning.
Teaspoon garlic
(and some chilli if you’re like Rish and can take it. Or not, if you’re like me and are a wuss and can’t).

In the evening for the polenta:
Boil up about 3 cups stock (vegetable)
Pour in about 2 cups of polenta and reduce heat.
Stir over low heat for about 10 mins. You might need to add more water, just keep an eye on it!

Serve with some washed baby spinach. Oh and a glass of red wine ;)

Been making use of the hand-me-down Crock Pot as the days have gotten cooler. How old school awesome is it? :)

Massamum in the Crock Put

It does mean I have to be a little organised to have the ingredients to chop and throw in before I leave for work… and my knife-skills are not as sharp at that hour! (ahhh puns) I have a few cuts to show for that.

I’ve made a Dahl of some sorts

Lentils in the Crock Pot
(plenty to freeze to take the work, too!)

Lentils in the Crock Pot
With pappadams on the side, of course!

Massamum in the Crock Put
And a yummy massamum beef

Massamum in the Crock Put
Pay no attention to the oil ;)

Massamum in the Crock Put
So tender!

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