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Little Spoon Frozen Greek Yoghurt from Aldi

I love the tang of Greek yoghurt, and while I’m a fan of frozen treats, I don’t like how sweet many frozen yoghurts are :( Yes, I’ll cover tangy yoghurt in chocolate flakes and lychee balls at Yogoberry, but sweet yoghurt itself? Ew! Which is why I swooped on the four pack of these tiny…

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Max Brenner Chocolate Bar, Charlestown

The chocolate….. it BURNS! So, way too much sweetness for this savoury girl! I insist that you MUST try the “lick” which is a little tub of melted chocolate with a spoon. Beyond that? You’re on your own. It’s way to sweet and delicious for moi, Max Brenner. Max Brenner Chocolate Cafe Pearson Street, Shop…

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Mobile Cocktail Bar, Penis Straws and a Topless Waiter – Crystal’s Bachelorette Party

When you arrive at a party, and a topless waiter hands you an appletini, you know the girls have planned a good night! We’d all put in $65 to cover costs and as you will see, it went a long way! Appletini We had a mobile cocktail bar serving us all night from A…

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Winter Warmers: Bruce’s Chicken Pie (with a sweet treat for dessert)

Who doesn’t like a hearty pie for a winter meal? I love the one Bruce makes, so we decided to share it with you in all its glory :) In the beginning we have two frypans going. In one, soften up a finely sliced onion chopped leek (here’s some instructions on cleaning leeks) in with…

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From the Backyard – Stewed Rhubarb

I aspire to have a garden full of fruits and veges and herbs one day, so that I can just head out the back, cook with what’s in season, and eat all the yums… Until then, I’ll settle for planting things in my parents’ backyard (rosemary!!) and accepting fruit from kind neighbours with excessively fruiting…

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