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Heat Wave Hacks for the Long Hot Summer Ahead

So, the last three days were over 35 degrees, and so, we’ve hit summer head-on. What are some ways to survive the Australian summer ahead with your sanity intact? Invest in a backyard pool. $25 from Big W. Only go out at night. Drink locally produced East Coast juice. Take advantage of icecream specials at…

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esc – calm in a can (+WIN a case of 12 cans)

What? it looks like and energy drink? And it’s meant to CALM me down rather than leave me hyped up all night on the dancefloor? AND it has 50 calories per can (which is like eating an apple), I can buy it online and it tastes reasonable? What? Oh yeah, too hyper, let’s drink a…

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Playing with Fire

I’m up in Newcastle for the next few days, seeing friends and family… Tonight I’m out at Honeysuckle … Because the council has funded a ‘livesite’ with a band and lots of fires, presumably to serve the dual purposes of looking awesome and keeping people warm. Photos will of course follow on my return to…

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