Just because you’re an atheist who shouldn’t eat chocolate doesn’t mean suitable substitutes cannot be found for that eater thing they gave me five days off for….


Cool calico rabbits from the “in-laws” who aren’t in law, but are, kinda.


Hello kitty glass from the baby sister of awesome.



Ahh, long weekends. Not too much traffic on the drive up, got stuck a bit on the Central Coast on the F3 on the way back, but not too bad overall. Extra thousand ks on the car, but time well spent to catch up with family and friends, even though this easter was sans chocolate for me, which I think cut down the amount others around me had!

New Mural

Gorgeous weather for walks and a run

Civic Park Fountain


Gourmet Goose cafe, Hamilton
A very strong, but nice, latte from the Gourmet Goose, Hamilton

Black Carrot
Black Carrot in the stir fry veges

dt cafe Toronto
Coffee with Mum at dt cafe, Toronto

dt cafe Toronto
Gluten Free almond biscuit at dt cafe

dt cafe Toronto
Devonshire tea for Mum at dt cafe, Toronto

And, of course, hanging out with my nephew! :D

Looking forward to heading up again for the Queen’s Birthday long weekend :)

How often do you get to see family?

Were any of you crazy kiddies like me into candy eggs as a kid?

Candy Egg

I’ve seen them at Darrell Lea and Big W in the lead up to easter, and wonder home many kids would actually go for one these days?

Have an AWESOME Easter/ANZAC/Zombie Jesus Super Dooper Long weekend!! x

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