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31 Photos in 31 Days (Day 19) Back at Work

Back at work today. Fortunately I have 2 days of PD – feeding. Which means I don’t have to see clients. It does mean I have all my workmates who I haven’t seen in awhile for various reasons just checking that I’m well and telling me I look terrible. Thanks :p I went for a…

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Vote Below the Line

The only photo in my flickr stream tagged “Election”. Disappointment all around that there haven’t been any megamagnets this election from Labor’s #2 Senate candidate, David Matthews! ;) I know, I know, it might seem insane to Vote Below the Line with the bajillion candidates on the NSW and other Senate ballot papers, but do…

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31 Photos in 31 Days (Day 16) Doctor, Doctor

While the doctor ran about an hour late, I gathered some pamphlets on milk, anxiety, contraception, ovarian cancer and more, oh and kept up with Twitter. There is a foot for 31 photos with knee high socks under some jeans. I have three days off work with a medical certificate, two “for if you get…

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Keep Politicians out of your Bedroom

While my vote in the ACT will probably be going to the Greens on Saturday, I will be crossing the border to Queanbeyan to hand out how to vote cards for the Australian Sex Party. There shouldn’t be discrimination based on a person’s gender or who they love. Why should it be accepted that I…

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