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More Gifts of Change – This is what a #feminist looks like

So, I had a lovely day heading to Sydney for the Kids Business Bloggers Brunch, catching up with old bloggy friends, meeting new ones, hearing lovely talks, particularly from Angela Priestly from Women’s Agenda and a gorgeous woman from The Nappy Collective, eating delicious food and talking about washing detergent and potty training. But then,…

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Topics that I could have written about but haven’t for lack of coherent sentences

Slutwalk. The Rapture Cate Blanchett Muslims getting Billboards in Sydney. How I wish I was a mum and was running this blog as an atheist/raising freethinkers/evidence based practice mum blog just to enter it into the Top 25 Faith Bloggers thingy to irritate the Christian mums who were irritated at there being Pagan mums in…

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