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Coffees with Mum

I’ve been having more and more coffees with Mum lately, “Anywhere but Gloria Jeans” I insist :) Jamaica Blue, Charlestown Square With Mum, this often means being offered a cake or slice as well, I need to start saying no thank you! Aurora, Glendale Normal Banana Bread Above, Gluten Free Below

It’s been so long since I’d been to Goldberg’s on Darby Street that I’d never checked in there on Foursquare!

So, I used o go to Goldberg’s on Darby Street Newcastle all the time. I have memories of playing Euchre with Rish and his parents there after a day at the beach during high school. With a mini Pochacco deck of cards. I was so happy with the breakfasts we got there over the weekend.…

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Cafe Newtown

Caught up with friends for breakfast/lunch/something after waaaay to long (hey they’d been to Korea and the US in meantime!) at Cafe Newtown near the train station. I had a delish fruit salad, and a coffee of course. My friends split olive tapende toast with feta and a burger. So many cafes in Newtown, so…

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Canberra Catchup – Breakfast at Caph’s Manuka

Was down in Canberra over the weekend for Uni – my last contact day of my Masters! I still have 3 assignments to go, but we’ll get to that in good time ;) It took me awhile to figure out the best way to eat my fruit salad, but it was yum (yummer with the…

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