(sorry for the glut of sponsored and giveaway posts, it’s duck season, and while I’d like to space them out more, I’m REALLY not orderanised to do that, and keep running into deadlines!! One day!)

Kitty headphones

Wanna win a pair of glasses from Firmoo? Head over to the comp on my Facebook page to enter!

Closes 11/11.

(How cool are these kitty headphones? Picked them up from typo with a voucher I won from Musings of the Misguided, an awesome BPD blogger!)

New funky glasses from @firmoo #gifted

So, the good PR people from Firmoo, this cheap as glasses site, offered me another free pair of glasses… so what else is a girl to say but “YES!”.

This pair you see me sporting is normally $26 with normal lenses (script but not as strong as I need). Generally, the glasses on this site for my blind as a bat script are around $70 complete….. but that’s still a million times (don’t quote me on the maths, four unit was 14 years ago now!) cheaper than my $500 plus glasses here when bought through a retail store (yes, even with cheap ass frames… I have a rather expensive script to fill).

I would honestly recommend giving Firmoo a go for your next, or at least for your spare, pair of glasses. Cute styles, cheap shipping, and perfect for us plebs without extras cover!

What do you think? These glasses are rocking, and I’m sure will help me once my job interviews come through!



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firmoo free glasses

How awesome are these glasses? Especially since I got them free as a pert of their blogger program. It wasn’t hard to me to order, just filtered by “plastic” “rectangle” and “purple” and knew I’d get what I want! :)

Firmoo (www.firmoo.com) is the world’s most popular online eyeglasses store. Given my glasses are always so expensive, I love how there are great places to get them cheap online once you have an up to date script!

Firmoo launched a program offering free eyewear to first-time buyers in order to make more people try Firmoo’s quality products & excellent service. Plus, it’s easy to get your free eyewear, and the delivery is pretty fast! Want to have a try? Just go to http://www.firmoo.com/free-glasses.html to get your FREE pair! All you have to do is pay the small postage costs :) Woo!

firmoo free glasses

A free pair of glasses from Firmoo (just pay for postage! I got mine sans postage for a review which will come soon)

Urban Remedy

Three days of juices to try from Urban Remedy from their new spring menu. Will let you know how they go! You can enter to win a three day juice cleanse in my blogiversary giveaway if you wanna give it a go! :) xx

I have a fitness assessment at the gym this afternoon. SO not looking forward to getting on those scales, but needs to happen. Bring it!


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