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Reasons to get a Gravatar – So I don’t lose you in the spam!

Since I upgraded to the latest version of Akismet, it’s been working in overdrive! Maybe it’s the season, like getting waaaaay more junk mail, but the spammers have having fun, but fortunately, going through to spam. UN-fortunately, a few of you have been sent into the spam filter. I know I’ve fished Veronica out of…

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Sticker Decorated Netbook

I think it’s evolving beautifully, don’t you? It includes stickers from Evelyn Evelyn, Threadless, WordPress, Gravatar and Flickr. What else does it need? And, where can I get them? (Thanks to Jim for the WordPress & Gravatar stickers! Your Australian Sex Party sticker will be on its way once I get my act together!)

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