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Lunch at Grind Cafe, Darby Street.

Rish’s parents got back from overseas on the weekend, so the hoardes went to Grind on Darby for lunch on Sunday. My coffee was good. Went down well. A couple of bowls of smashed chats. Too much smashing! Not all could be easily eaten. :\ Salt and pepper squid was ordered by 4 I think.…

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Breakfast at Grind cafe, Darby Street, Newcastle

I arrived an hour early for breakfast on Sunday. Apparently the Android Facebook App is not to be relied on for important things like time of events. Mine said 8:30am, Rish’s said 2:30am. At least he could easily tell his was wrong! A made up breakfast of gluten free toast, bacon, tomato and avocado. What?…

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Newcastle Photos – Queen’s Birthday Long Weekend

My Mum’s the Queen! With a detour via Sydney on the way to check out some job leads, and arriving back close to midnight last night, the weekend was a rather long long weekend. I wanted to get the Miley cake… It was loved anyways ;) Swans Colours Subtle flavours I put my icy fingers…

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