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Getting Rid of Body Hair with Light-Based Clinical Procedures

Collaborative Post Unwanted body hair is something we all struggle with. If you are like most people, you probably shave it off. After all, shaving is practically painless, easy and can be done at home. The problem is shaving, and even other methods like waxing, does not always get rid of unwanted body hair consistently.…

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Swim-Season Essentials

This post contains a variety of gifted and purchased items Finally talked myself into joining the council swimming pool that I can see from my backyard. Summer is SO here already and it’s time to get swimming! I did 20 laps (1km) with the kickboard both today and yesterday, and plan to keep building that…

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Schick Hydro Silk 5 Blade Razor

The Lovely Lady Smaggle got this freebie sent my way to test out on my hairy winter (transitioning to spring!) legs.. And I have to say it’s GREAT on the legs, whip it over, gets to hair off without any hassles! Spring ready! The downside is that the moisturising strip which is great on my…

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Brazilian Butterfly

With Summer supposedly on our doorstep, thought I’d better get started on theahir removal ritual .. and being useless at wazing/plucking/shaving myself, it’s best to leave certain areas to expert hands. Peacock Butterfly, by Chris@184 via Flickr. Came across a new salon Brazilian Butterfly via a flier at the gym. Perfect place to advertise, coming…

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