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First appointment with the disability employment peeps

The appointment this morning was stressful, but because of the whole having to meet a new person and trying to understand what was going to happen next. I’m with a Disability Employment Services provider which means they can help me in more tangible ways than the regular Job Services Australia people could – especially since…

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A soothing cup of tea

Tense therapy session on Wednesday because we ended up writing the letter for my “job Capacity Assessment” with Centrelink that I had yesterday. Yes, the assessment went well, reaffirmed my love of Occupational Therapists. and I’m going to be going to a new Job network/ Disability provider next week…. One that is all into aka…

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Next Step…. Capacity

What i got for me from Daiso while shopping for Maree’s prize :) So, after Easter, I get to go and have a “job capacity assessment”. This will apparently tell sennalink what support I need in order to find a job. Or something. It means to me that I get to say yes, I feel…

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Un- and Under- Employment, Mental Illness, and me

Mulling over a few things today, prompted a little by the welfare reform report and various opinion and news pieces generated by it, along with discussion by friends about the good and the bad of the proposals and their potential to help and hinder those needing support. I also, just now, realised that it’s been…

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