hen’s night


Crystal's Hen's Night

When you arrive at a party, and a topless waiter hands you an appletini, you know the girls have planned a good night! We’d all put in $65 to cover costs and as you will see, it went a long way!

Crystal's Hen's Night

We had a mobile cocktail bar serving us all night from CocktailClub.co. A wonderful idea I do believe!



Crystal's Hen's Night
Something Cold and Raspberry

Crystal's Hen's Night

There were even mocktails for those not drinking :)
(Still to be consumed with a penis straw though!)

Anna had cooked up storm, with many things to nibble on, and clearly labelled as to whether they were gluten or dairy free :)

Crystal's Hen's Night
Meatballs and Mushroom Pillows (both gluten-free)

Crystal's Hen's Night
Cheesy Cob

Crystal's Hen's Night
Mushroom Pillows

Chicken Nibblies

Crystal's Hens Night
Gluten Free meat pockets

And of course, dessert!

Crystal's Hens Night
Gluten and Dairy Free Chocolate Truffles

Crystal's Hens Night

And a few shenanigans

Crystal's Hens NightCrystal's Hens Night
Stripper and Pin the Penis

Crystal's Hen's Night

Good luck Crystal!!!

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