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Mid-way through #caffeinefreephona – Plus WIN a Blossom Blends herbal tea hamper!

So, I’ve made it half-way through my caffeine-free month! Only a couple of hiccups, I’ve had a small amount of green tea when I was away at Billabong Retreat during the tea ceremony (wasn’t NOT going to take part) and there is some question aver the levels of caffeine in Chai latte syrups. There’s WAY…

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Sal’s by the Lake, Speers Point

After helping my mother move Dad’s excessive DVD collection to the new house, we met my sister and went for a relaxing, child-free(!), coffee at the newish cafe at Speers Point Park, Sal’s by the Lake. Mum and Jen each got the coffee and cake for $7. They look like Sara Lee cakes to me!…

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Awesome things on a Thursday

Some things I’ve seen or tried this week and love: Melinda’s Gluten Free Goodies Sweet Caramel Cakes (baked for a meeting which kinda dissolved when there were two of us. But we still ate cakes) Twinings Camomile and Spearmint herbal tea. Deek’s Quinoa Loaf. Half price, so I finally tried it. Yum lightly toasted with…

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Solar Springs Bundanoon – The Food

With 211 photos to look through, I’ve decided you can hear about my week away at Solar Springs bit by bit. And of course we start with important things, like the food :D Breakfasts There were more fruits on offer in a fruit salad, but I stuck to red fruit faves!

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