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Duh – Health experts find no evidence homeopathy works, again

By Adam Smart, The Conversation There’s no reliable evidence that health conditions can be effectively treated with homeopathic medicine, according to a statement by the National Health and Medicine Research Council (NHMRC) released today. The statement comes a year after the NHMRC’s draft paper was put out for public consultation. It is based on a…

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What is Homeopathy?

Oh, hai there internets. After posting this photo from Coles last night, discussion ensued on my FB wall about the merits or non-merits of homeopathy, how much your own experience of something can weigh up against a systematic review of systematic reviews (of homeopathy). So, what is Homeopathy? Shall we consult wikipedia? Homeopathy i/ˌhoʊmiˈɒpəθi/ (also…

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