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Post-BBQ Birthday Dinner – Acquazul, Honeysuckle

The Scallops with Avocado Salsa, Main Size $30 After a day of hugging people and eating cake, a small group of Sydney/Canberra people and I went into Honeysuckle to have dinner. Our first stop was the Honeysuckle Hotel which I hadn’t been to before, and then we went for dinner at Acquazul. Entree sized Pork…

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A Twist at Honeysuckle

Friday night last week, a few friends and I headed into Honeysuckle (Newcastle) for the “Livesites” thing the council were putting on. This basically involved fire, music, belly dancers and us finding a place to eat! This was a chance for me to gloat about not freezing because I’ve got cold Canberra blood now, and…

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