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Assorted Yum Cha, from Mr Chao’s Seafood, Hurstville

I’ve been to Mr Chao’s Seafood twice for yum cha this year already. Nom nom nom. The first time was with Rish’s dad, who kept picking different things to my usual “Steamed rice noodle creations” selection Including teeny tiny fish. Mmm steamed goodness! And, of course, the rice noodle prawns!

Yum Cha at Mr Chao Seafood Restaurant, Hurstville

For Rish’s belated birthday, I promised him Yum Cha. And on recommendation from a workmate, we headed to Mr Chai Seafood at lunchtime Sunday. A short walk from home (yay!) a good way to kick off a Sunday after a sleep in. mmmmm bbq pork buns. Skipped the cue of groups waiting for large tables,…

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31 photos in 31 days. Day 2 with a sunny lunchtime walk.

Today I spent in training in Ryde – talking about Cerebral Palsy, disability and person centred practice. Got a nice sunny lunchtime walk in too! :) Now I’m just sitting down to a dinner of food court leftovers bought cheaply at the end of the day from the Hurstville foodcourt. Yum.

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