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Presentations. Workshops. Public speaking. We do them, get through them. The one today for work was okay, except for the fluttering in my stomach, the dry mouth. Then my guts, just tightening up, wanting to get out of there. A few more sips of water, cups of tea (brought my own peppermint along). The nerves…

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In which she trials a mostly-gluten-free diet

Kinda. Well, cutting out and finding replacements for all those OMG I’m just wheat products. To see how I go. I’m not going stress too much if there isn’t a suitable option to fit with it. Because stressing about it will only make it worse. I think it’s working for me. It’s not not working.…

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I suffer mornings most of all

i have to drive i have my reasons, deer it’s cold outside i hate the seasons here i suffer mornings most of all i feel so powerless and small by 10 o’clock i’m back in bed fighting the jury in my head Amanda Palmer – Have to Drive. Some mornings are hard, get out of…

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