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Nara Thai and Uncle Raja’s Curry House, Pacific Highway Charlestown

Ahh, Nara and Uncle Raja’s. Worked threre through uni, living off naan, butter chicken sauce and pad thai. Oh and bottles of diet coke. The two are combined now, so you can get a selection of Indian and Thai dishes in the one kitchen. So, pad thai, chicken madrass and lamb korma. A Malaysia style…

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Coffee, cider and curry

Kicked off my first day at my “proper” work site with a coffee at Short Black Espresso Bar, Penshurst. A draining day – feeling a little brain dead… got the chance to practise my key word sign which I thought was long lost – I’m sure it will come flowing back to me!! :) Now…

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Teapot Earrings – Farewell Dinner at Rama’s

Last night was my work farewell dinner at Rama’s at the Pearce shops. My workmates came out in good numbers for the winter school holidays, and many smiles and hugs were shared. Samosas Delicious Spinach Balls One of the girls served me a yummy plate. We stuffed ourselves on a banquet, no idea what the…

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Bombay Dhaba – West End, Brisbane

Contemplating the complementary pappadams Silly us, we caught the Ferry to West End, and then walkde through the back streets to get to Boundary St. Oh well… got to see WhyNot St on the way, and earned our curries! Bombay Dhaba was where we settled, with their deceptively large curry portions! :D $4.50 for a…

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