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Birthday Recap (Hello Kitty, foodage, #jeansfreephona, Tea Party and more!)

Birthday present from the MIL. *bounce* Busy busy 30th birthday weekend! Let’s recap in photos :) :) (photo heavy post ahead! Woo!) I got a Hello Kitty cake!! :D :D I babysat the kids so my sister and her husband could go see a movie. I have now changed nappies. And introduced Ez to the…

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#jeansfreephona – Day 7, MacU

Already been to a maths talk this morning, with Rish spurring kids on to study mathematics for mathematics’ sake. Will be on YouTube soon, if my camera work wasn’t too shakey ;) Now, to loiter at the Uni for awhile, be inspired by the learning around me. And wear my tights and skirt in style…

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